Yumeyo Hisakawa is a Danganronpa OC, and is Yoshio Hisakawa's older sister. Similar to Masayoshi Fukuhara, she wasn't originally meant to be related to a certain family, but ended up being related anyway due to coincidences in appearance.

Biology Edit

Yumeyo is comparably less pale than Yoshio is, but is somewhat similar in most other ways. She is nearly as tall as him, and they both usually dress in darker colors. The main difference is their hair color--while, you may assume they're similar in hair color as well, with both of their hair being white, Yumeyo actually dyes her hair (of which is naturally a light brown) to be white in order to help Yoshio feel better about his own natural hair color. She has black eyes, and short white hair that is a bit longer towards the front. Her bangs cover her whole forehead.

Yumeyo also wears red glasses, similar to Yoshio himself, but in a different shape. While Yoshio's are rounder and somewhat thin in shape, Yumeyo's are more square and just a bit thicker. She most often wears anything black and white in color, and especially often wears checkered-patterns. She's almost always wearing white laced gloves, and red shoes in any style.

Personality Edit

Yumeyo has a habit of being shy and hard to approach. She's a sweet girl who will do her best to help you, but she needs a moment to get out of her shell.

Even then, she hardly ever seems to feel anything 'extreme'. She's always nervous, and never seems to really smile, no matter how well you know her. It takes her a while to really warm up to you, and even longer to officially "get out of her shell" around you. The process only repeats if you're around someone she doesn't know. She's overall hard to get to know when the progress keeps going backwards.

Even with family, she acts similar--quiet and submissive, although she does love her family quite a lot. Especially her younger brother, Yoshio--the boy who's always stood out ever since he was born. She's always done her best to support him, even getting matching glasses and wearing similar colors to him. Even with her shyness keeping her from doing just about anything anywhere else, when she's around Yoshio she'll stick up for him no matter what. No matter how scared she feels.

History Edit

Ever since she was a child, she was always standing up for her younger brother whenever he was teased. She always called people out for making him uncomfortable, and did everything she could to keep him happy.

It backfired, in a way. Yoshio was still bullied, and Yumeyo herself got bullied in return for being "the weird kid's sister". Although she did what all the adults said to do and tried to ignore them and stand up for never worked. So she silently kept trying to support her brother, slowly falling into her own depression herself without trying to ask anyone else for help.

In elementary school, there was one person she was particularly close to. They were almost inseparable, and to be completely honest...Yumeyo had a crush on her. Not that she ever told her.

They always were helping each other with everything, and she was the one person outside of family that Yumeyo ever told about her issues without feeling bad about it and her best friend would tell her own issues as well. Yumeyo would even warm up to other people faster, as long as she was with her best friend. She was the one who got Yumeyo so into magic and ended up helping Yumeyo discover her own magical abilities.

Then, one day, her best friend didn't come to school. Then, the next day, she was announced dead. That she killed herself.

Yumeyo was heartbroken. She never thought...

She only closed herself off more, and chose to become harder to know. But she brought the biggest bouquet to the funeral.

Relationships Edit

  • Yoshio Hisakawa - younger brother by one year
  • Yukiko Hisakawa - younger sister by four years
  • Aika Hachimitsu - cousin on her mother's side
  • Michi Hashimoto - cousin on her father's side

Trivia Edit

  • Despite how she is a witch herself, she has always been terrified of the supernatural.
  • ---She still doesn't 100% like Yoshio's boyfriend (in most roleplays) due to him being a vampire. She's still warming up to him, however.
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