Yukiko Hisakawa is a Danganronpa OC. Originally, she was an unrelated DR OC named Juliette Lily, but I chose to re-purpose her since she looked similar to Yumeyo Hisakawa in a way.

Appearance Edit

Yukiko is known for never seeming to change outside of her gym uniform. Whenever anyone sees her, she's always in her gym shirt and shorts and a letter jacket with the Hope's Peak Academy symbol embroidered on it.

Despite being so athletic, she's still fairly chubby. She doesn't mind, however--it doesn't stop her from being a world-known basketball player. She keeps her hair in a high ponytail at all times, only ever taking it out of its ponytail when she absolutely has to (ex: showers).

She typically has bandaids on her face, elbows, and knees, simply due to being fairly clumsy.

Personality Edit

work on later

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