Yoshio Hisakawa is a Danganronpa OC.

Biology Edit

Yoshio is a rather tall individual with total albinism. As a result, unlike the rest of his family, his skin is almost completely white (added with the fact that he never goes outside), with white hair nearly always tied into a messy low ponytail (except for the fronts). Technically, he doesn't have an eye color due to the complete lack of melanin in his body--his eyes appear to be gray, however, and could be interpreted as red, blue, or pink. His default expression is either always tired or appearing angry or annoyed.

Clothes-wise, he's rarely ever caught wearing anything that isn't long-sleeved or pants due to the fact that he gets cold rather easily. His favorite shirt to wear is a black hoodie with "HERO" written along the chest--he wears this all the time and rarely ever changes out of it. Pants-wise, he'll wear almost anything with that hoodie--but his favorite to wear is black, slightly baggy jeans. Whenever he does go outside, he usually just wears dark red checkerboard slip-on Vans.

He's known for seeming rather 'emo' due to his wardrobe consisting mostly of blacks and reds--he really doesn't mean to be. His cousin, Aika, buys most of his clothes for him. If he had the option, he would wear pastel goth type clothing.

As an extra detail, he is missing his left pinky due to a birth defect.

Personality Edit

Yoshio has a reputation for being quite rude to people and pushing them away if they try to approach him first to be his friend or something along those lines. He's also quite well known for constantly swearing and having anger issues--all three facts, of which, he is well aware of.

Truly, he's pretty insecure over them--he knows he's like this, but he feels like he can't stop (especially since his rudeness is partially due to how little sleep he gets). He is also afraid to stop due to a fear of change. Although he doesn't exactly like how much he pushes people away and how bad his trust issues are, he can't stop himself since it's his defense mechanism to protect himself from anything he feels threatened by (pretty much anything) and cope. He also has a habit of being rather private--he refuses to tell anyone just about anything.

In reality, he's a cowardly, shy, insecure boy afraid of getting close to people. If you can push past his boundaries, while he'll still be a little rude it'll be more the 'playful' type. He can be nice, too, and rather considerate, but he gets easily embarrassed if you point them out and he will deny it (out of a low self esteem). In some cases, especially if he likes you or is dating you, he can even be affectionate.

He will play confident and act like he has a higher self esteem than he really does in order to protect himself and keep from being called 'weak', but if you break him down enough...he'll be sensitive, and won't even want to get out of bed.

He also has a rather black-and-white viewpoint on most things--if you make him hate you, there's a very low chance of him ever forgiving you. If it's a situation where he hates you, then he will get more nasty and rude towards you and only you in particular. He will outright avoid you, and in certain cases may even get physically violent to force you away and protect himself.

History Edit

Yoshio has always been quite the odd one out, whether it be in his family or in school or...anywhere. It's hard to be taller than average with a completely different from the norms appearance, when you were born, raised, and lived in Japan for all your life.

When he was born, his parents were quite confused by his birth. The family had naturally tan skin, black eyes, brown hair...and then their (only) son was born so pale, with white hair and later-found-out light eyes. For a long time, the father, Yuudai, thought Yui, the mother, was cheating on him with somebody else all because of their son's appearance being different. She swore she wasn't, and that he was completely theirs--a fact they'd find to be true, judging by DNA tests. Turns out, one of them carried albinism genes which intensified in Yoshio.

They raised him the best they could, of course--they really tried--but they had no idea how. Yoshio wasn't speaking or walking when he was supposed to, he never looked his parents in the eyes even when he got his glasses, etcetera. They had to delay bringing him into school for about two years just to let him develop more and catch up with other, "normal" kids.

Well, they were more aware of how he wasn't normal by the time he was reaching five years old. They finally got him to a doctor, of which then diagnosed him with his autism.

When he did get into school, his insecurity over himself and his hatred for attention really started. The other students always either overwhelmed him with attention and almost never giving him space, or they teased him and bullied him for his appearance and how weird he was.

Although his older sister did everything she could to try and support him, and although he appreciated it (and still does even now--they're rather close), it didn't really help his mental state. And thus, his depression started early. Though he didn't like it, of course.

He figured, if people were going to make fun of him for being weak and for being weird...he would act confident and pretend he liked himself. As much of a lie that was, and as much as he hated to was the only way he could think of to keep himself safe.

So he did. And he faked it until he "made" it--well, really, he didn't. His act just became so natural at that point, he couldn't stop acting so confident.

But the years passed, and eventually, it was time for him to go into high school. But his family brought him to another doctor--simply because it had been a while, and they felt he should have an update. To his own dismay...he was diagnosed then with severe depression and insomnia.

But he never stopped faking it. It was all he could do to protect himself.

Relationships Edit

  • Yumeyo Hisakawa - older sister by one year
  • Yukiko Hisakawa - younger sister by three years
  • Aika Hachimitsu - cousin from his mother's side of the family he's particularly close to
  • Michi Hashimoto - cousin from his father's side of the family he's particularly close to

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite Vocaloids are Gakupo and Kagamine Len.
  • His favorite foods are onigiri, ramen, and purin.
  • He has super weak skin, and if he scratches himself too hard or uses his nose too roughly (crying, blowing his nose, etc.) he's prone to bleeding (and nosebleeds).
  • ---He has a couple, still-healing scars from scratching himself during particularly bad meltdowns.
  • Due to his sensitive nose, he can't handle strong smells such as cinnamon or multiple different smells in one (especially if small) area.
  • Yoshio has temperature issues--he gets cold too easily, so even in summer he'll only ever be found wearing short sleeves and knee-length shorts. He will almost never wear anything less than those.
  • Yoshio will have a panic attack if there's too many people surrounding him and giving him attention--hence why he would much rather simply sing in the shadows, on the internet, rather than sing in person.
  • Due to his paleness and white hair, any body hair is nearly invisible--though, he does have it. He almost never bothers to shave anywhere other than his face.
  • Yoshio only grows his hair out because he can't handle having his hair cut. His hair getting cut, especially his bangs, is sensory hell for him.
  • If he's overwhelmed, his first reaction is typically a complete shutdown. If it continues, that's about when a meltdown will happen. Other warning signs include crying without bothering to try and stop himself, raising his voice, trying to leave the situation, etc..
  • Although he doesn't like standing out, he likes wearing bright colors because he feels it distracts people from his albinism and simply makes them think he dyed his hair white (better than attention from naturally white hair, to him).
  • Yoshio struggles with homophobic parents, but he's still attached to them nevertheless.
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