yoshiko exists i guess

Biology Edit

Yoshiko is a short, incredibly pale girl with burnt hands. She has incredibly long, pale pink hair. Her bangs are perfectly straight across. She has some form of central-heterochromia, where her eyes are some sort of turquoise on top and pink on bottom. Her default expression is usually completely serious--though, there are times that she actually looks joyful.

Her clothing constantly changes--she never really keeps her outfits consistent. She rarely ever wears a truly casual outfit, in fact, as she mostly wears Lolita fashion. Most commonly, Classical Lolita. The most common color she is seen wearing is brown. She often wears gloves, the reason being to hide her hands.

When she's actually in a casual outfit, she can be found wearing a light purple sweater with a white outline of a heart and "BE MINE" in the center, and a white skirt with it. She doesn't usually wear many accessories in her casual outfit.

Personality Edit

She is the much more calm and serious one of her family.
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