Shigenobu Suzuki, or just Shige, is a Danganronpa OC, made just for fun.

Appearance Edit

Shigenobu is a dark-skinned, about average-sized person, and is slightly chubby. They mostly wear soft sweaters with some sort of animal print or theme on it (especially rabbit themed) and pants of some sort. This only changes in the warmer weathers, but the themes are still the same. They like wearing neutral colors the most.

They have black hair and dark brown eyes, and most often look either tired or neutral.

Personality Edit

Shigenobu is quite the lazy individual, preferring to sleep, eat, repeat. They don't move very often and usually stay in one area for a while. They don't talk very much, either, but they do talk! It just takes a fair amount of their energy. They're also rather simple (or casual) in everything they do, and like taking shortcuts.

History Edit


Relationships Edit

They sometimes work together while taking care of other people's pets, and consider each other to be friends.

Trivia Edit

  • They are otherkin! Specifically, rabbitkin.
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