Misha Avci is a Danganronpa OC made as a sort of collaborative effort between me and a friend. (tbe)

Biology Edit

Misha is a tall, relatively thin man of no discernible race--all that seems to be apparent is that he's naturally a bit on the tan side, and he seems to have at least bits of Russian and Turkish due to his name.

He has brown eyes and dyed-black hair (sort of a dark, dull blue looking color) (naturally blond) with thick-ish, yet small, eyebrows. His hair is long enough to be tied into a little ponytail. He does have bangs, split into two sections and ending in the middle of his forehead. His default expression is rather blank--he doesn't show his emotions very much.

As for clothing, he usually just wears a black polo shirt and white jeans with black socks and red sneakers. He typically carries around a black bag, with his wallet, cleaver, and a few containers for holding the body parts of his victims. He also has silver piercings--three on his left ear (two on bottom, one on top) and one on his right ear (on bottom).

Personality Edit

Misha is known for being a rather chill person--or, at least, that's how it looks from the outside. He's able to keep an amazing grip on his emotions and fight them down, hiding his true unstable self. Even so, hiding his emotions or not, he is shown to have some sort of mild anger issues. Not quite enough to blow up (unless he loses control), but enough to seem annoyed at small things.

He's also known to have trust issues with most people, but he doesn't seem to have any issues with getting people to trust him.

History Edit

He was born in Triesen, Liechtenstein, and stayed there for a good bit of his childhood.

He was kidnapped at age 11 and was starved for a year with almost nothing except for human meat (and, of course, water). He didn't know at the time, and still isn't aware, that the human meat he was fed included his own dead mother and sister.

At age 12, he finally snapped and killed his captor. Out of sheer hunger, he couldn't wait to leave and find anything better--so he cooked and ate the captor in their own house. The police had just found him then, and all they saw was a boy who killed and ate somebody. He spent another year in juvenile detention, then was sent back to his family (which, at that time, had moved to Germany).

He had no idea that his mother or sister was dead when he came back until he found that his sister went missing and seeing his father with a new, pregnant woman. Not long after, he had new baby twins--a brother and a sister. This confused him for a long while, and he gradually grew more and more bitter about it until he was barely even interacting with his family.

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