Masayoshi Kounoren, better known by just Masa, is a Danganronpa OC. He wasn't originally going to be a part of the Kounoren family, but due to accidentally looking similar to one of the parents during designing, he ended up joining the family.

Biology Edit

Masa is a short, slightly tan (in comparison to his siblings) boy with freckles mostly along his face. He has somewhat long blond hair ending at the middle of his neck, and his bangs are slightly sideswept. He also has an ahoge. He has pink eyes with black glasses. His default expression is a smile in any way, shape, or form--in fact, he's rarely seen not smiling.

As for his clothing, his main outfit is of a white button-up (the buttons are gold) shirt and a light brown argyle sweater with his cuffs covering the end of the sleeves, dark-brown-that-almost-looks-black shorts down to about his knees, brown loafers, and a hat that's the same color as his shoes (I never draw it but it's there). He's often seen with a messenger bag as well--it's brown as well with gold buttons.

Personality Edit

Masa, at first, looks like just a playful yet shy person. He's frequently seen around teasing his younger twin brother, Kiyoshi. Although he seems to respect his older sister, Yoshiko, that doesn't free her from his playful nature. He's fairly active, especially considering his talent. He, overall, seems like a nice guy, even if he tends to go a bit too far with his stubbornness at times.

He's well known for his slight anger issues that he's trying to work on. Yoshiko has said that, even though he may seem like the type to fight or hold a grudge, he's never gotten very physically violent nor has he ever kept a grudge for longer than a day or two. Despite that, he works well with other people, and his cleverness, dedication, and high charisma make him a good team member.

However, as one gets closer to him, his true self starts to show. He quickly grows obsessive, and it does not take very long for him to start seeing one as a perfect, high-status individual no matter the rank or social status. At this stage, he begins to get violent and heavily destructive towards anyone who so much as touches his 'beloved'. As such, when he's begun to get like this, he's known for being perhaps a little too protective.

It also doesn't take very long for him to go as far as stalking or murder, and he usually isn't too afraid to deny such things. However, if someone were to attempt to make such things public, he's always willing to threaten them. Such behavior from this paragraph as well as the above always starts without any warning.

Masayoshi is also known for being rather delusional when he gets far enough into his love, such as claiming that his 'beloved' certainly does love him back (even if she doesn't) and that he doesn't have a shrine for her (even though he does).

History Edit

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Relationships Edit

Yoshiko Kounoren Edit

  • His older sister. He respects her, but that doesn't mean she's free from his stubbornness.

Kiyoshi Kounoren Edit

  • His younger twin brother. Kiyoshi most often is the target of Masayoshi's teasings. At the same time, however, he doesn't seem to like Kiyoshi all too much--rarely talking to him, and even calling him a coward. Kiyoshi doesn't seem to return Masayoshi's disliking of him.

Axelle Bellerose-Nomi Edit

  • Axelle is Masayoshi's target, being victim to all of his yandere traits. Masa sees her as 'better than perfect'.

Launce Bellerose-Nomi Edit

  • Masayoshi doesn't mind Launce, but that doesn't stop Masa from being a little jealous of him. If anything, he's mostly jealous because Launce is around Axelle a lot.

Kei Mizushima Edit

  • Kei is Masayoshi's main rival, and has even nearly died to Masa's knife hands. Masa despises Kei, for more reasons than just 'threatening Masa's relationship with Axelle'.

Trivia Edit

  • His normal typing style strays from the rest of the Kounorens, being proper in every way except for capitalization. However, there are moments (usually when he's upset or stressed) where he does capitalize properly. When he does capitalize properly, he tends to misspell words more.
  • Although his actual strength level is currently undecided on, he is canonically strong enough to lift (and carry) Axelle. (Axelle is 96 lbs.)
  • He can handle black coffee. He doesn't mind the added flavors, but he usually prefers it as it is.
  • He has so many different AUs. Too many to count.
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