Madoka Hanano is a BNHA OC, made for fun.

Biology Edit

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Personality Edit

Madoka is very stubborn about his healing (refusing to take no for an answer), and more often than not, he refuses to even let people touch the flowers he grows on their bodies. He could be called overprotective or strict, for this reason. Overall, though, he’s a rather sweet and energetic person who is always glad to help. He’s a little bit naive/gullible, though.

He’s a little bit more playful around friends, but he’s known to worry easier about wounds and get even more stubborn about his healing. That only intensifies the closer he is with the friend. Overall, he acts just about the same--a sweet boy who, although he might be a little naive, always has the best intentions in mind.

He’s fairly quiet around his family, and tends to do his own thing more often than he talks to them. He’ll talk to his siblings, sometimes, and get along fine with them (it’s not like he doesn’t like them!), though. If anything, he’s the most quiet and ‘obedient’ around his father.

Although he’s very sweet around most people, when he starts to like someone he gets rather hostile..and only to that person he likes. Although never truly harmfully so (he will never refuse a chance to try to heal someone, he tends to act sort of like a “mom” figure to a “patient”), he gets all shy and rude (for lack of better words). He gets rather overprotective, too, when he likes someone. In reality, maybe he cares just a little bit too much.

History Edit

(still needs updating, will update here)

Backstory (private): One day, when his childhood friend got severely injured in a villain attack, Madoka tried to heal them. But they refused his help, and only tore off all of their flowers--a fatal move. Not too long after that, they bled out and died screaming while Madoka could only watch. (word better later, add more)

(lonely rich kid, grew up in gardens) (has 3 siblings, 2 sisters and a brother, all with different mothers to have different quirks) (father keeps marrying diff women to somehow make a child with a cool quirk)

Trivia Edit

  • His lactose intolerance was entirely a mistake. I forgot that he liked milk, and then just figured "eh whatever".
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