Chiyoko Furuhara (not to be confused with the Fukuhara family) is a Danganronpa OC, and was the very first Danganronpa OC I've made.

Biology Edit

Chiyoko is an average height, chubby, and incredibly pale girl. She has short, curly, dirty-ish blonde hair, with long pieces of hair lining her face. Her bangs are the kind that's both sideswept and along the face. She has dark brown eyes, and freckles all over her body. Her default expression is a somewhat shy look without much emotion.

The one outfit she is always seen in is a white turtleneck sweater covered up with a brown floral dress. She wears black shorts underneath her dress. She wears a green ribbon in her hair with a daisy pin attached to the knot. Chiyoko wears brown ankle boots.

Personality Edit

Chiyoko, at first glance, seems to be amazingly shy. She never talks, at least not much more than a couple words spoken slowly. She heavily prefers the quiet of plants, and even seems to speak a little more when she thinks she's alone with nature. Despite how hard it is for her to open up to someone, and how shy she is, she is truly a kind-hearted person. Even when she fully trusts someone, she still remains quiet and fairly awkward, but it's clear she does her best.

When she's stressed, she tends to get a bit stubborn, and--a bit ironically to her usual behavior--may even raise her voice depending on the situation.

History Edit

Chiyoko has been neglected by her family for just about her entire life. It seemed to happen almost immediately after she'd learned to talk. As a toddler, she'd seemed to show signs of struggle in learning how to talk properly, and would always be a bit too loud. Just when the young Chiyoko thought she'd gotten the hang of it, her parents had turned against her. They would constantly tell her to 'shut up and be quiet' every time she managed to get a syllable out. That same behavior ended up passing onto her siblings, leaving her learning to just stay silent.

As a result of her speech issues combined with the abuse leaving her quiet, she would frequently be teased and/or bullied in school. (wip)

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